About Me

Hello, and welcome to my academic webpage! I hope you are all safe and healthy with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

I am an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley studying Computer Science, graduating in Spring 2024. Academically, I am interested in Deep Learning and more generally Artificial Intelligence and Theoretical Computer Science. Please visit my Resume tab for information on my CV and courses, and my Projects tab for information on my past and current projects.

This spring, I am working on a few research projects relating to 1) deep learning and 2) high-performance computing! My full list of research experience can be found here. In addition, I will be a research assistant for CITRIS and the Banatao Institute at UC investigating diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM education.

Throughout my time as an undergraduate, I have been heavily involved in research programs at UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, University of Illinois, and other institutions. Outside of research, I am a board member at Erevna, an international, intercollegiate, and interdisciplinary nonprofit currently incubating at Harvard Innovation Labs providing students with educational opportunities. I have worked closely with companies including Google, Discord, and DeepLearning.ai as well as nonprofit and collegiate organizations including the EGDE in Tech Initiative at UC, Major League Hacking, Harvard Undergraduate Machine Learning Research Lab, and the National Center for Women in Technology to launch panels, fellowships, and -thon events focused on education, data science, startups, and more for over five thousand students.

Please visit the appropriate tabs on this website for resources and information on my specific contributions. Unfortunately, this semester I will not be working on many extracurriculars so I can provide my attention towards my research work. However, still feel free to shoot over quick questions as I will try to get to them when I have time.

Outside of school, I enjoy swimming, hiking, and reading fantasy and science fiction novels. I love playing casual video games with friends and writing stories in my spare time as well.